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December 13, 2017

Frozen Lake Adventure

This past weekend we had a frozen lake adventure at Lago di Braies in Italy.

So many people were there, which left me in total shock at the flood of traffic pulling into the area.

Thinking back upon the day, I have a feeling it was because the lake was frozen and covered in snow (because it isn’t anymore).

There were only a few little open ice spots,

which were extremely slippery when stepped on.

Believe me, I tried it ūüėõ

I went with my husband and another couple.

We ate lunch at the only hotel/restaurant on the grounds.

The menu consisted of an Austrian and an Italian mix since this lake is close to the border.

I had goulash with gnocchi.

The views were spectacular, too.

Especially because the day was clear and sunny,

but still below zero and cold.

Frozen Lake Adventure + Discount Code

That day I wore my scarf from ilymix 

This scarf was perfect: being cute + functionally warm ūüôā

And…¬†Guess What…¬†

I’ve teamed up with ilymix to give you 20% your purchase

(of scarves and/or beanies)

Click to see the wonderful products at ilymix

I also recommend reading their about page.

Don’t forget to use the code Madelainxos20¬†at checkout.

Have a fun winter, it’s coming ūüėČ



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December 7, 2017

Christmas Wreath Photo Idea

I have an obsession with Christmas photos.

Each year I try to come up with a fun idea.

Last Christmas, my photo had a gigantic wreath.

Gigantic wreath Christmas photo idea

I made this wreath myself too, out of a hula-hoop.

The idea came from all those amazing large picture frame captures you see families and couples do.

Gigantic wreath Christmas photo idea

Gigantic wreath Christmas photo idea

I used long strips of garland to cover the hoop then added homemade banners, battery powered lights, and other Christmas decor to make the holiday feel pop out.

Gigantic wreath Christmas photo idea

My idea was to have the wreath look like it was on a door,

which required a massive wooden door to shoot in front of.

Gigantic Christmas wreath

I always add my cat to the mix,

(this year we will have two kitties in our photo),

but what a struggle: trying to hold the wreath and the cat at the same time.

We sat down in hopes to make it work,

but the photo seemed awkward with our feet hanging out the sides.

Gigantic wreath Christmas photo idea

Let’s just say my kitty in the wreath did not make the card cut.

Christmas Card

And I kept the gigantic Christmas wreath;

it’s currently hanging in my house, yesss

Check out more of my previous Christmas photo ideas here

Christmas Wreath Photo Idea

Get the supplies to make a wreath of your own from Amazon ūüôā



CHRISTMAS Wreath Photo Idea


Have a happy holiday season!




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October 22, 2017

Red Boots with Socks

Hello Red Boots with Socks

Let’s form a fall flock.

Red Boots with Socks

Your bright color

gives all the sass and feels

a radiant appeal.Red Boots with Socks

And when pairing you

with black and white

it becomes a delight.

Red Boots with Socks

You won’t be alone

I’ve got costume pearls

below they’re shown.

Red Boots with Socks

Walk a mile,

Strut for awhile.

Red Boots with Socks

Come on

let’s go

it’s the Red Boot flow

Red Boots with Socks

Just having some cheesy rhyming fun with this one.

I laughed, it’s ok if you did too. haha

But seriously,

I’ve been searching for red boots for weeks because they’re not sold in any Italian stores.

So online I went,
and these Liliana Collection Red Booties are what I decided to buy.
They’re exactly what I was hoping for:¬†A standout and shiny shoe.
However, I’m a size 7 and I wish I went a half size up on them.
They’re comfy but a little tight. Some breaking in will¬†help.¬†
If you like this look, give it a pin

Red Boots with Socks

Red Boots with Socks

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Have a fabulous week,

sass up those feet ūüėČ

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October 6, 2017

Comfy Fall Look

This comfy fall look is perfect for the season,

because of plaid & leopard print.

What more can I ask for?

Comfy Fall Outfit with plaid and leopard

I will have to say that these two prints are my favorite when it comes to fall,

especially leopard.

Comfy Fall Outfit with plaid and leopard

I’m headed out for a weekend getaway and I¬†cannot have something leopard in my suitcase.

For this outfit, I threw on these slip-sneakers my mama gave me

(shoutout thanks to mom for the shoes)

Comfy Fall Outfit with plaid and leopard

They are so comfy and easy to wear.

I want to buy more sneaks like these.

But I also like a big plaid boyfriend’s shirt.

Comfy Fall Look with plaid and leopard

It’s truly my husband’s old shirt that I stole from him ūüėČ

Creating all the relaxing feels in this a bit,

with a cup of joe, of course

Comfy Fall Look with plaid and leopard

Comfy Fall Look with plaid and leopard

Comfy Fall Look

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I hope your fall days are comfy and cozy ūüôā


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September 27, 2017

Amazon September Favorites

So if you’re an online shopper like me,

you most likely browse Amazon for absolutely everything!

But sometimes a site that has so much to offer can get redundant.

Which is why I came up with this great idea to share my monthly favs!

So let’s get right into my Amazon September¬†Favorites ūüôā

1. Fosto Battery case

This thing is the lifeline to my Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone.

And great news, it’s affordable and there’s a model for all the latest phones ūüėČ

I never run out of battery life. Ohhh, it’s spoiled me!

I can’t live without a battery case after¬†Fosto¬†has entered my world, seriously.

2. Dishwasher Magnet

The above is the exact one I got for my dishwasher,

but they have all different kinds of styles and designs.

It’s such a useful tool to help the house know what’s happening in the dishwasher.

3. Ballerina tea
I was introduced to this tea through a friend’s dinner parties.¬†
We’d eat lots food and then drink Ballerina tea.
Ballerina tea is now my go-to when I feel so stuffed/bloated and need a release. 
Because it works!
Use wisely and be careful ūüėČ
4. Combat Boots

I’ve had these boots for a year now,
but I’m linking them in with my Septemeber favs¬†because I recently put them back in my closet for fall.
These boots are awesome for the rain and/or any other activity that gets you wet and dirty.
I wore these boots to an orange festival earlier this year, where broken oranges (yes the fruit, they were thrown everywhere) and its juices covered them.
A few scrubs with soap and water and these boots are back to looking brand new!
They are so durable and I love them!

All links above will take you to products and/or product search page of listed products.

Amazon September Favorites

Do you have any products from Amazon to share?

I’m always looking for a great buy.

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September 14, 2017

Urban Sporty Look

Urban Sporty Look

This urban sporty look has me tracking around,

and I’m loving how it comes together.

An Urban Sporty Look

Did I ever mention that I’m a girl of many looks?

That when it comes to style I believe it’s like playing dress-up,

and I have lots of fun with it.

An Urban Sporty Look

If you follow along, you’ll soon realize this.

Plus you’ll notice that I like to reuse my wardrobe.

Oh look it’s the same bomber jacket from Adidas Sporty Look: Pharrell Williams

An Urban Sporty Look

I absolutely adore this jacket! I’m looking to get my hands on another one as well

Adidas Women’s Pharrell Williams Velour Track Jacket

Wait, are those sneaks gold?

Yes, they are!!!

And they’re my new favs ūüôā

An Urban Sporty Look

With the temperatures beginning to fall,

(meaning more clothes to keep warm)

it’s a great way to stay flashy ūüėČ

An Urban Sporty Look

And can I tell you about my Park T?

Jurassic Park, that is.

You can get one just like it from Amazon by clicking the picture below

I literally wear this t-shirt once a month,

and I’m not even kidding.

An Urban Sporty Look

I’m actually obsessed with t-shirts.

Especially when they’re promoting something of interest.

An Urban Sporty Look

Oh, and I bought these jeans this way

(holes and all)

from a cute boutique in Venice.

Unlike the ones I cut myself in Interlude Fall Outfit

An Urban Sporty Look

An Urban Sporty Look

An Urban Sporty Look

  Get a similar look  

Would you wear Gold Sneakers?

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September 8, 2017

The IceMan

Iceman in Bolzano, Italy

Today I’ll be sharing about the time I explored an ancestor of the human race: The IceMan.

Ozti is his name and he¬†dates back 5000 years, now that’s old!

And get this,

in Bolzano, Italy there’s an entire museum dedicated to him.


It’s mind-blowing how far we’ve progressed as a race,¬†aka once being cavemen/women.

Aren’t you¬†glad you live in the present time?

I am, for sure!¬†ūüôā

You can take a good look at Ozti, in wax and real form, by watching the fun video I made below.

It’s quite¬†an old video, which is part of my¬†attempt to have a Vlog channel on Youtube about 3 years ago,¬†
hence the end saying Our Vlog Adventures. 
I still film and edit videos on different occasions, now and then, just not enough to run a channel off it.

The IceMan

Bolzano is a gorgeous area in Italy’s Alps.
I went during the holidays, 
which is a perfect time to go if you like Christmas Markets.
There’s a nice mixture of¬†Italian and Germanic¬†culture within Bolzano’s¬†population.
I highly recommend¬†it as a place to visit if you’re into hiking, winter sports, or if you want to meet Ozti.
My favorite part of the city is its Dolomite views!
To visit Ozti or learn more, click here

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August 22, 2017

Interlude Fall Outfit

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

The mornings/evenings are beginning to crisp with cool air,

which means fall is on its way,

and today I’m sharing an interlude fall outfit.

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

It’s an outfit you could wear between the seasons.

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

The jeans are a product of my PMS, haha, but really.

I found myself bored with these flared jeans so I took some scissors to them,

cutting of the flare and Big holes in the knees,

 making me much more relieved and happy with the outcome.

I swear I’m just a dose of crazy ūüėČ

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

I accessorised this look with a long choker,

peep toe booties,

and even a hat.

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

And, yes, I went blonde recently

Really blonde ;P

Interlude Fall Outfit

Get a similar look

Interlude fall outfit, a look to wear between summer and fall

Who’s ready for fall??

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August 8, 2017

Doll Up Your Summer Look

Summer outfit


Bringing you this summer look because it’s been a hot one here in Italy (reminds me of life in Florida),

which means clothes that keep you cool are the best clothes to wear!

Sometimes we have to suffer style for comfort during sizzling days,

that’s why I’m sharing a simple¬†and chic look to work the heat.

Summer outfit

This sheer white ruffled top is light, flowy, and perfectly doll-able to combat that sunshine,

just wear a white spaghetti strap underneath to catch the sweat

(cause you know it’s gonna happen¬†girl).

summer outfit

Add some comfortable shorts, like these soft pink ones I’m wearing.

Plus, don’t forget those spicy shades!

summer outfit

summer outfit You might prefer to wear a sandal to keep your feet cooler,

but I thought these peekaboo kittens were too cute to pass up.

Doll up your summer look, summer outfit

Get a Similar Look

What’s your tip to stay stylish in summer?

summer outfit



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