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April 25, 2017

Shanghai: the city with the best skyline

shanghai skyline

If you’ve been following me you’d know that recently I was in China, and one of my stops was Shanghai: the city with the best skyline.

Shanghai skyline

Those lights are fantastic, and they change colors/ads/sayings often.

(One of the buildings below has I love Shanghai on it.)

Shanghai skyline

I would see instagram photos of this skyline from other travellers and say to myself, “I have to go there!”

 I knew it was going to be spectacular upon arrival, but it was even more incredible in person!

We stood for a view on what they call the bund, an area along the river that faces the skyscrapers.

Shanghai skyline

Shanghai skyline

If you’re ever in Shanghai and having trouble navigating just tell a taxi driver ‘the bund’ and you’ll be sure to get there.

Shanghai: the city with the best skyline

When we first went to the bund, during the day, lots of fog covered the air.

So the glorious skyline wasn’t so glorious.

Shanghai China

Shanghai China

Which is why it’s better to see it at night, with all the lights 🙂

We also walked around and explored the city a little bit.

Shanghai China

Shanghai China

Crazy story time: our tour guide gave us precise instructions not talk and/or follow strangers.

Well, we had a guy come up to us and we did it anyways to find a new luggage.

We ended up at this market under a large parking garage, and the whole thing seemed shady.

A girlfriend and I were sceptics from the get-go, as we followed our husbands and some strange man across the city.

But in the end, the place was legit,

and an adventure I’ll never forget.


We also visited the Garden of Shanghai.

It’s a beautiful sanctuary in the center of the city, and I recommend it.

Shanghai Garden

Shanghai Garden

Shanghai Garden

During our stay in Shanghai, Isaias decided to shoot some video with his Samsung phone,

and I recently made a short video of these captures.

We also visited a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai (read post here).

You can watch the video below.

Another recommendation if you’re in Shanghai..
Eat all the Chinese dumplings you can 🙂

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January 19, 2017

Muslim Quarter in Xi’an China

Muslim Quarter in Xi'an China

If you’re planning a trip to Xi’an, you don’t want to miss walking down the busy market streets in the Muslim Quarter.

Muslim Quarter in Xi'an China on

Muslim Quarter in Xi'an China on

This area is jam packed with meats, treats, and culture from the migrated Arabic and Persian people, dating 206 BC- 9 AD.

Residents own their presence and are known as the Hui people to other locals.

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January 7, 2017

The Great Wall of China

On a hazy cold morning, I arrived at the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China at Juyongguan

Pulling up in our coach, views of the wall nestled on mountain tops brought tears to my eyes with amazement. Thoughts like, “I’m here; It’s beautiful; Wow, I can’t believe it” flashed through my mind and stirred up my emotions.

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December 31, 2016

China: Forbidden City and Tea House

Nin Hao (hello) and Morning from Beijing, China 🙂
In this post, I will talk about The Forbidden City and a Chinese Tea House. It’s where we spent our time Wednesday.

First off, how great is it that my website is working in China. Social media, not so much unless it’s through my husband’s vpn. But that’s a story I will share with you later.

Anyways, I’m pretty excited to be writing you in real time about my experiences here in China. I’m trying to stay committed to you all; I appreciate my readers. There’s also a gift basket in the works for a winning subscriber, too 🙂

Let’s get to the Forbidden City, shall we…

forbidden city

This palace was the home of emperors for almost 500 years in China, and it’s located in the heart of Beijing.

Forbidden city china

forbidden city china

From the years 1420 to 1912, dynasties from the Ming to the Qing ruled here.

forbidden city china

forbidden city china

forbidden city china

The palace showcases traditional Chinese palatial architecture.

forbidden city china

forbidden city china

And hosts 980 buildings on 180 acres.

It took us 3 hours to walk through the main pathway of this Forbidden City.

forbidden city china

It’s amazing that people used to live here.

Now, its beauty is adored by thousands of tourist each day.

After our guided tour through the Forbidden City, we went to a traditional Chinese tea house.

 We watched a demonstration about the natural teas.

Chinese Tea House in China

I personally liked the Ginseng tea, which looked like black clay rocks.

Chinese ginsing tea

We were served the ginseng tea in a traditional cup like this.

Chinese tea cup

Then told to pick it up and flip it over.

It’s now ready to taste, but first, the proper way to hold and drink the tea.

Drinking ginseng tea in China

Yes, with the fingers sticking out and all. This is considered a delicate way to hold the tea cup and acted out by women.

I also thought the rose tea was delicious and so pretty!Chinese Rose Tea

I bought different kinds of herbal Chinese teas and I am including a package in my subscriber gift basket 🙂

Until the next post,

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