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December 13, 2017

Frozen Lake Adventure

This past weekend we had a frozen lake adventure at Lago di Braies in Italy.

So many people were there, which left me in total shock at the flood of traffic pulling into the area.

Thinking back upon the day, I have a feeling it was because the lake was frozen and covered in snow (because it isn’t anymore).

There were only a few little open ice spots,

which were extremely slippery when stepped on.

Believe me, I tried it ūüėõ

I went with my husband and another couple.

We ate lunch at the only hotel/restaurant on the grounds.

The menu consisted of an Austrian and an Italian mix since this lake is close to the border.

I had goulash with gnocchi.

The views were spectacular, too.

Especially because the day was clear and sunny,

but still below zero and cold.

Frozen Lake Adventure + Discount Code

That day I wore my scarf from ilymix 

This scarf was perfect: being cute + functionally warm ūüôā

And…¬†Guess What…¬†

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Have a fun winter, it’s coming ūüėČ



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September 8, 2017

The IceMan

Iceman in Bolzano, Italy

Today I’ll be sharing about the time I explored an ancestor of the human race: The IceMan.

Ozti is his name and he¬†dates back 5000 years, now that’s old!

And get this,

in Bolzano, Italy there’s an entire museum dedicated to him.


It’s mind-blowing how far we’ve progressed as a race,¬†aka once being cavemen/women.

Aren’t you¬†glad you live in the present time?

I am, for sure!¬†ūüôā

You can take a good look at Ozti, in wax and real form, by watching the fun video I made below.

It’s quite¬†an old video, which is part of my¬†attempt to have a Vlog channel on Youtube about 3 years ago,¬†
hence the end saying Our Vlog Adventures. 
I still film and edit videos on different occasions, now and then, just not enough to run a channel off it.

The IceMan

Bolzano is a gorgeous area in Italy’s Alps.
I went during the holidays, 
which is a perfect time to go if you like Christmas Markets.
There’s a nice mixture of¬†Italian and Germanic¬†culture within Bolzano’s¬†population.
I highly recommend¬†it as a place to visit if you’re into hiking, winter sports, or if you want to meet Ozti.
My favorite part of the city is its Dolomite views!
To visit Ozti or learn more, click here

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January 26, 2017

Sella Nevea Ski Resort

Sella Nevea Ski Resort

A few weekends past, I started my 2017 snowboarding season at Sella Nevea Ski Resort.

Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

This resort is situated on the border of Italy and Slovenia,

and offers the option to ride slopes in both countries.

Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

However, the Slovenian side was closed when I went, a bummer, or maybe it was good in disguise.

Because…. my body wasn’t ready for boarding yet.

Let’s just say, compared to last year, I took a good two months off from regularly working out during the holidays.

And my body felt the difference.

Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

The runs down the Italian side of Sella Nevea are pretty long and I could only do two rounds.

After that, I was completely exhausted.

Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

My body felt sore the next couple days, too. Especially when I collided with another snowboarder that was in our group.

Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

The best/worst part of the story is the fact that I kinda knew it was going to happen beforehand (the mind is a powerful thing).

There I am, waiting on some of the other guys to catch up, when I noticed a group of Italian skiers chillin down the slope I was about to attempt.

I thought to myself, “I better not eat it in front of all those skiers” and well, I ate it, anyways ūüôĀ

But hey, at least I looked cute doing it


Snowboarding at Sella Nevea Ski Resort in Italy

I purchased this adorbs beanie from Forever 21 because, duh, I’m a snow kitty¬†ūüėČ

Sella Nevea Ski Resort 

If you visit the link above, there’s a youtube video on the homepage with extreme skiers jumping at Sella Nevea.

It’s pretty dope.

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December 3, 2016

Writing at an Italian Lake

So there is this amazing Italian lake named Barcis.

An Italian lake named Barcis

It’s nestled not too far into the Alps,

And it’s absolutely beautiful!

An Italian lake named Barcis

An Italian lake named Barcis

An Italian lake named Barcis

As you can see, the water is like an emerald color.

Minerals from the mountain rocks dye it.

An Italian lake named Barcis

Writing at an Italian Lake

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Barcis to work on my latest short story.

An Italian lake named Barcis

It was a pleasant spot, so peaceful, and I even received a treat of two swans swimming by.

¬†I finished this story titled Secrets in the Swamp and I’ve entered it into short story competitions.

I haven’t done this with my work in a few years, but I’m realizing, as time passes by, that writing/becoming an author is truly what I want in life.

This story is different than the others because it’s the first one I’ve dreamt.

As a spiritual person, I’m hoping Secrets in the Swamp will be my breakout story and I’ll¬†finally win something ūüôā

But one thing is for sure, I have to go back to Barcis to write.


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July 13, 2016

Val Di Funes


One of Italy’s finest spots in the dolomites is Val Di Funes. Its magical pointy tops, among rolling green mountain lands, is a sight you’d have to double blink on:¬†to make sure it’s not a dream!

In this post, I’ll tell you all about my quiet visit to this fairytale place.

Read more

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