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September 27, 2017

Amazon September Favorites

So if you’re an online shopper like me,

you most likely browse Amazon for absolutely everything!

But sometimes a site that has so much to offer can get redundant.

Which is why I came up with this great idea to share my monthly favs!

So let’s get right into my Amazon SeptemberĀ Favorites šŸ™‚

1.Ā FostoĀ Battery case

This thing is the lifeline to my Samsung Galaxy S7 cell phone.

And great news, it’s affordable and there’s a model for all the latest phones šŸ˜‰

I never run out of battery life. Ohhh, it’s spoiled me!

I can’t live without a battery case afterĀ FostoĀ has entered my world, seriously.

2.Ā Dishwasher Magnet

The above is the exact one I got for my dishwasher,

but they have all different kinds of styles and designs.

It’s such a useful tool to help the house know what’s happening in the dishwasher.

3.Ā Ballerina tea
I was introduced to this tea through a friend’s dinner parties.Ā 
We’d eat lots food and then drink Ballerina tea.
Ballerina tea is now my go-to when I feel so stuffed/bloatedĀ and need a release.Ā 
Because it works!
Use wisely and be careful šŸ˜‰
4. Combat Boots

I’ve had these boots for a year now,
but I’m linking them in with my Septemeber favsĀ because I recently put them back in my closet for fall.
These boots are awesome for the rain and/or any other activity that gets you wet and dirty.
I wore these boots to an orange festival earlier this year, whereĀ broken oranges (yes the fruit, they were thrown everywhere) and its juices covered them.
A few scrubs with soap and water and these boots are back to looking brand new!
They are so durable and I love them!

All links above will take you to products and/or product search page of listed products.

Amazon September Favorites

Do you have any products from Amazon to share?

I’m always looking for a great buy.

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December 7, 2016

My Favorite Makeup

Today, you’re going to learn about my lack-there-of knowledge and use of makeup, but it includes my favorites šŸ˜‰


I wish I could say I know the ins and outs of this market because I envy gurus who look makeup flawless 24/7


I’m more like a plain Jane when it comes to makeup: I stick to what I like and barely try anything new (except when it comes to mascara, but we’ll get to that later). It’s so pathetic because I can count the amount of times I’ve been to Sephora, on one hand.

This struggle is real y’all! My oily skin is the worst when finding makeup that doesn’t glisten me greasy. So I’d rather not waste money on something that makes me shine and just buy what I know works for my face.

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December 3, 2016

Writing at an Italian Lake

So there is this amazing Italian lake named Barcis.

An Italian lake named Barcis

It’s nestled not too far into the Alps,

And it’s absolutely beautiful!

An Italian lake named Barcis

An Italian lake named Barcis

An Italian lake named Barcis

As you can see, the water is like an emerald color.

Minerals from the mountain rocks dye it.

An Italian lake named Barcis

Writing at an Italian Lake

A few weeks ago I took a trip to Barcis to work on my latest short story.

An Italian lake named Barcis

It was a pleasant spot, so peaceful, and I even received a treat of two swans swimming by.

Ā I finished this story titled Secrets in the Swamp and I’ve entered it into short story competitions.

I haven’t done this with my work in a few years, but I’m realizing, as time passes by, that writing/becoming an author is truly what I want in life.

This story is different than the others because it’s the first one I’ve dreamt.

As a spiritual person, I’m hoping Secrets in the Swamp will be my breakout story and I’llĀ finally win something šŸ™‚

But one thing is for sure, I have to go back to Barcis to write.


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November 12, 2016

Fun Christmas Photo Ideas Using Props

Christmas is coming, only 42 days left to be exact.

I’m not sure about you, but I favor Christmas. It makes me feel all giddy inside when I think of the joyous season.

I’m also a giving spirit, which means I love planning gifts for people to attach our Christmas card to.

The past two years we’ve used props for our Christmas card. This is so easy (and fun) that you can do it too!

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