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February 27, 2016


Seoul, South Korea the second largest metropolitan city in the world!

The first of firsts one needs to know when visiting Seoul is that it’s huge! There are several different districts within the city, so getting around can be complicated if one isn’t prepared. I recommend downloading the Seoul Subway App (for android & apple) because this will make your traveling experience less stressful! This app was a lifesaver for my husband and I. It allows you to key in your location, destination, and then gives you step-by-step directions on which metro lines to take and their times of arrival/departure. During rush hours, especially in busy districts, expect to get to know people very well as you squeeze into the train with barely any room for your breath. But it is all worth it, especially for the cheap fares. Taxis will get you stuck in traffic.

I mean just look at this metro-line system! (photo from google)
My husband and I on a metro train

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